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Cinema Overdrive presents BONNIE'S KIDS (1973) on Wednesday, March 8th at Mission Valley Cinema. This film was a huge (and often overlooked) influence on Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Sisters Myra (Robin Mattson) and Ellie (Tiffany Bolling) live in California with their abusive step-father Charley (Leo Gordon) who was married to their now-deceased mother, Bonnie. When the step-father attacks the younger Myra, Ellie shoots him with a shotgun. Rather than reporting the death to the authorities, the two sisters flee to Los Angeles to live with a wealthy uncle (Scott Brady), their only known relative. Unbeknownst to Ellie, the uncle soon has her involved in a money-laundering operation, but when she uncovers the nefarious scheme, she double-crosses her uncle and absconds with the money. Ellie then directs Myra to meet her in El Paso with plans for them to flee the country. A string of unfortunate events ensues as the uncle and his hitmen attempt to retrieve the money. Also starring Alex Rocco from The Godfather as "Eddy." And Sharon Gless from Cagney & Lacey as "Sharon."

Cinema Overdrive is a monthly film series dedicated to bringing you the very best in cult, exploitation and gonzo action cinema. Specializing in the audacious, the ludicrous and the flat out ridiculous, each Cinema Overdrive screening will bring you some of the rarest and most entertaining features and trailers you’ll ever see!


2nd Wednesday of every month at Mission Valley Cinema!... $5.00 admission!

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We don't sell online tickets for Cinema Overdrive but you can reserve tickets by calling our box office 919 834-2233


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